School of Supernatural Marriage


Discipling Couples & Celebrating Fatherhood


To extend the borders of the kingdom of God on earth through the family institution

To unveil the heavenly Father’s heart for marriage by equipping men to fulfil the ministry of fatherhood as they represent God in their families thereby giving the marriage institution a kingdom meaning and identity

To raise fathers with accurate understanding of God’s eternal purpose for the family and to mentor them to become role models to their sons, and raise the next generation of godly husbands and fathers

To raise marriages and homes as ‘altars of expression of God’s glory’

To provide platform for couples to spice up their marriage and improve their relationship

To equip singles for marital journey


Discipling couples to fulfil God’s eternal purpose for their marriages



The emphasis of the Spirit of God NOW is for us to surrender our marriages and homes to Him so that they will be used as altars of expression of God’s glory. God wants to make Himself known to the nations of the earth through our marriages and homes. For this to materialize, sons of the kingdom should rise and build marriages according to the Father’s pattern,and fathers should connect supernaturally with their families.

GOD’S STANDARD ACADEMY is birthed to interpret the Father’s vision for marriage and prophetic seasons for families, to raise godly fathers, and rebuild broken walls in the family institution and restore its dignity. It is a channel to heal the nations by helping couples overcome hidden wounds of the heart. Wounds though buried out of sight but which resurrect under intense pressure. These hurts do not allow couples to be there for each other unconditionally nor permit the dad within the man to come forth to be a blessing to his family.

When we consider the present hurts and intolerance in families, the need for having a platform for the equipping, healing and releasing fathers to father their families and the nations cannot be over-emphasized. All around us are hurting men and women with tears of regrets and scars of abuse. Those whom are trying to become the men and women, fathers and mothers they are created to be but the unpleasant experiences of yester-years would not permit them. Some wounds are as a result of poor fathering and growing up in dysfunctional family, and some regrets are as a result of abusive relationships and failed marriages that couples feel disappointed and ashamed of but would not talk about. Some fathers are discouraged and they feel really disappointed of themselves and in their relationship with their spouses and children.When a man is unable to bond with his child(ren) the way he desires, it can be frustrating.

We have more hurts, disappointments, tears of regret in marriages and families than any other institution. Marriage that is supposed to be a healing ground for the family members and others has become a stumbling block, and a ground of bitterness and curses. What is supposed to give joy and life now gives sadness and death. There are bleeding hearts with smiling faces all around us, even among church leaders who are disappointed in their marriages. Almost everywhere I go, I hear the cry of a man or woman who is hurting or has been wounded and is feeling defeated in his or her marriage. There is always a cry for help! The cry for healing and restoration!


The Key of Knowledge

For people to remain relevant in their chosen careers and businesses, they keep acquiring fresh knowledge through training and mentorship. Some go to formal institutions of learning to obtain degrees that enable them to become competent. In all human professions, people learn, study or are mentored to succeed. Careful effort is made to choose the best institution to acquire knowledge or upgrade existing skills.

Putting into consideration the enormous task of fathering and the possibility to easily get it wrong, it is therefore imperative that fathers are adequately equipped for this all-important and sensitive ministry. It is hard to excel in something for which you have no sufficient knowledge.


The Greatest Need of Humanity

Fatherhood is the greatest need of the church and the human race today. I believe the world and the church are not in dire need of visionary leaders as much as they need fathers who have the heart of the Father-God to father their families and the nations. Fatherhood is a supernatural assignment with overwhelming responsibility. It is a call and a ministry of representing the heavenly Father. Fullling that ministry is primarily contingent on how well we know the Father-God and the willingness to bring joy to His heart. Every father is called to represent the heavenly Father before his wife and children; as well as before the communities and the nations. Those who are able to successfully represent Him are those who have seen or known Him experientially as their Father.

Truly, this generation is blessed with think-tanks and great leaders but we lack fathers who know the Father-God and have the will-power to father their families and the nations for Him. This is the challenge we face today and the effect of this is visible in homes, churches and the society. As I think of this, my heart is drawn to the next generation that has been invaded by an orphan spirit, an identity crisis and insecurity – I am indeed broken. The church needs to start thinking and looking into the matter of raising fathers for the 21st Century with accurate understanding of God’s eternal purpose for the family. The church and the nations are in need of fathers who understand the times and seasons of God for their families and are working to help them walk in it.


 The Passion that Burns in Me

I am intensely passionate about family togetherness and happiness. It gives me so much joy and satisfaction to see marriages succeeding and families together. Because I believe in the family institution with intense passion I frown at anything that threatens the togetherness and happiness of a family.

One aspect I display my passion is reaching out to men and helping them for the ministry of fatherhood.  I yearn to see men representing the heavenly Father to their families and the nations.  Men have to be equipped to be fathers because it is one of the most tasking and challenging ministries given to us by the Father-God. I want to say candidly that the ministry of representing the Father-God before our families and the nations is a huge responsibility.

The call of God helps me to see the fears, the hurts and the tears of God’s children, on account of their fathers’ inability to provide godly leadership, example and covering for them. Thus, I want to see every man equipped to be a godly husband and father who feels the hurt of his wife and children, and is ready to make any sacrifice to see them happy.  This is one of the ways we can deal with the orphan spirit that has invaded this present generation. This orphan spirit is responsible for most of the crises in the families and society. Marriages and families have been battered and torn apart by it. It is time to stop it. It is time for healing. It is time for restoration.  In God is our hope and foundation.

Restoring the ancient ruins,
Raising the foundation of many generations,
Rebuilding broken walls and Restoring homes – Isaiah 58:12