Prophetic Encounters

On the 31st of January 2010 at about 12:36am, I had a trance and I saw Dr. Noel Woodroffe in Seasons of Life, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. He said to us, “The battle is getting fiercer, let’s gather and prepare our people to avoid casualties”


As I sat down to write this down, the Lord began to speak to me,


“Blow the trumpet in Zion, sound the alarm in My holy mountain Joel 2:1

Let My people be clothed with My Spirit.

Let them be led by My Spirit,

Walk in My Spirit and rise (dwell) in My Spirit

There in is their safety and protection.”

The Lord spoke again. I was having breakfast at about 10:10am on the 27th October, 2010 when the Lord spoke to me, “If you focus on helping My people to know My Spirit so that they stop living a defeated life like victims and orphans, then I will move in your life.”

In a vision of the night on 15th March, 2011, I saw a man suddenly died of heart related problem while driving a car. Though people tried to revive him but they did not succeed. I was shocked that nobody was crying or mourning, rather it was an interesting scene for everyone that was present. Men were watching and recording with sophisticated cameras. It was totally strange to me. This man was lifted up into the sky and I did not know how and when it happened. My attention was drawn to this when a young man came to the scene and requested to see the dead body, then a lady pointed to him in the sky. We all looked up and I saw a bird taking him away though I could not see him clearly, but I saw the bird visibly. As I stood there and gazing at the bird she came to rest on my palm that were opened and stretched out. I began to talk and say words that were so personal and sweet to the bird. This went on for a while. I saw this woman who was watching with great admiration everything I was doing and saying to the bird. Finally, I went into my car with the bird on my open palm. In all this experience, I was engrossed with talking to this quiet, harmless and beautiful bird.