Patrick Enega

Patrick Enega, is a minister of Christ, called to be an apostle and separated to the gospel of the grace of God. From the time he met personally with the Holy Spirit on 25 July 1995 in the course of a church workers’ meeting in Lagos, Nigeria, he has been in ardent pursuit of a life of communion with Him.

He is driven by the passion to know the Lord experientially and also helps the believers to know Him. He says, “I don’t want believers to hear what the word of God says about the Holy Spirit only, but I want them to know Him experientially.”

On 13 November 1997, he received a specific instruction from the Lord Jesus Christ for England, United Kingdom. Six years after, he got the first opportunity of visiting England and Wales, United Kingdom at the invitation of Apostle Paul Humberstone, and has been running with this commission ever since.

In addition to the passion of taking the good news of the kingdom of God to, and demonstrating the power thereof to heal the nations; he is committed to bringing young people into supernatural encounter with the Holy Spirit.

He is married to the wife of his youth, Joan and blessed with two sons, Oshiokhai Goodness and Oshioke David Paul. They are all in the kingdom business of healing the nations and connecting believers to the Holy Spirit and bringing the lost into the kingdom of God.

God’s Word For My Life

Every true apostle of Jesus Christ is a man or woman who has met with the Lord according to 1Cor. 15:3-8. This is my experience as an apostle of the Lord. My ministry is born out of my personal encounters with the Lord of the ministry. Obviously, I was called before my encounters but the encounters are the training grounds for the call. Without the training or death process, there will be no life to give to the people.

In July 1994, I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit that changed my life and it is still changing my life. This happened in a workers’ conference organised by Dominion Christian Centre, Isolo at the Vineyard Christian Ministries, Mushin, Lagos. The speaker was Rev. Lonnie Daniel Hagen of Forth Worth, Texas, USA. It was during the time of worship that I felt something like warmth going over my hands. I did not know it was the Holy Spirit. It was after some days that I realized it was the Holy Spirit that came personally to draw me closer to Christ.

This beautiful experience went on until the presence of the Holy Spirit became real to me and started burning all over me as fire. This was how He brought me into intimate relationship with Himself. This is the encounter that changed my life and ministry. Yes, it is still changing me. Since that time, I have been enjoying His presence, love, comfort and the sweet communion of the Holy Spirit.

Though my experience is not a doctrine but I share my experience with God’s people to help them desire deep personal relationship with the Spirit. Our walk with God becomes more real when we live in the communion of the Holy Spirit.

After my unforgettable encounter with the Holy Spirit, I became a pastor in Vineyard Christian Ministries, Mushin, Lagos under Archbishop John Osa-Oni.

On the 13th of November 1997 at about 7:00am, I was in the bathroom, getting ready to go to the office (Vineyard Christian Ministries), when the Lord said to me, “I want to speak to you when you get to your room.” In my room, He said “pick a notebook and pen and write.”

“I have a work for you in England, United Kingdom. I am sending you to England to bring My people to the knowledge of I AM.You will be going from place to place to bring My people to My knowledge, I AM. Do not go and struggle for large congregation but life transformation through knowledge”

He went further to tell me the reason He was sending me to England, “They brought the good news to you but they lack the knowledge now, therefore go in My name and bring them to the knowledge of I AM. The headquarter of your ministry will be in East London, England. I have prepared two ministers of the gospel and a business woman to help you.”

This was how the Lord gave me the blueprint of my apostolic ministry and assignment to England, United Kingdom and the nations.

When the time came for God to perform His word, He brought me into a father/son relationship with Apostle Paul Humberstone of Dominion International, Wales, UK in the year 2000. He is a man of integrity and a true father in the faith. He was used by God to help me to transit from the realm of Pentecost to embrace the reality of the kingdom of God and I also gained accessed into my land of assignment through Him.

My life and ministry experienced fresh dimension of grace and breakthrough in Nigeria and England, United Kingdom after my ordination as the Senior Elder (Apostle) of God’s Standard International Ministry and my ministry was commissioned by Apostle Paul Humberstone and The Apostolic Team of Dominion International (which is now, New Insight International) in the city of Cardiff, South Wales, UK, on the 12th of September 2003.

In the year 2008, I decided to seek the face of God for clarity concerning His call upon my life during my visit to England. Precisely, on the 28th of December, 2008 a man came to me in a vision of the night, and my brother in-law, Mike told the man of my mission in England. The man said, “It is not difficult.” He requested for a paper and wrote an address on it. When I woke up, I was only able to remember “Canning Town.” It was a strange name. I have never heard of the name before so I was anxious to be sure of what I saw and heard. After some enquiry and through the help of Rev. Ezra Williams of Regenesis Global, I visited Canning Town after two days.

I have heard, received and internalized the command of heaven for my life, now I am waiting for a sign from heaven. Please pray for me and the vision God has put in my heart for England and the Nations of the earth. Pray for England and the entire United Kingdom for the Holy Spirit outpouring and awakening.

Between the year 1995 and 2000, I served as a pastor under the ministry of Archbishop John Osa-Oni of Vineyard Christian Ministries, Lagos, Nigeria. In pursuit of God’s eternal purpose of my life, I started a fellowship in 2001 in my sitting room which later grew to a church. In 2007, the Lord led me to shut down the church. It was a beautiful church that transformed and restored people to God.

After I shut down, on the 29th of July 2007, the Lord came to me in the first week of January 2008 in a vision of the night through His servant, Pastor Tunde Bakare, the Serving Overseer of Latter Rain Assembly, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria and announced the dawn of a new season. He said to me, “it is important you know the season we are in; God is about dealing with illegitimate altars. God is going to pull down illegitimate orders and altars. And he added, God wants altar of expression of His glory.” End. “It is the season of altar of expression of God’s glory” says the Lord.

It was exciting for me to know that we are in a new season in God’s prophetic agenda. I wanted to tell God’s people everywhere about the season we are in. I did tell some people and even organized conferences. But I was not quick to understand that God was inviting me to something new and fresh that will take death process for his word to become a reality in me. Because of this word of the Lord that I received, the Lord shook my heavens and earth, there was war in my heavens and the dragon in me was being cast down so that I can become an altar for the Lord. The word needed to refine me like the scripture testifies concerning Joseph in Psalm 105:19.

This was why He instructed me to shut down so that He would prepare me for this season of altar of expression of His glory. This word of the Lord ‘Altar of expression of His glory’ is a direct and specific word of the Lord from heaven for me.

I am glad that I know what the Lord is doing in His “called out ones”this season. God is raising men and women as His altar that will exhibit His glory on earth. God wants to have altars that diffuse the fragrance of His knowledge in every place…2Cor. 2:14-16.

Becoming the altar that expresses who God is will not come by the cheap Christianity of ‘claim it and receive it.’ You will only become an altar of and for the Lord through death process. It is only those who surrender to the mighty dealings of the Lord that will become altars that will reveal Him to creation according to Rom 8:19 that says the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God. The sons of God are also called sons of glory.

John wrote about declaring to others the word of life that he had tasted and handled (1John 1:1-3). Like John, my goal in this season is to partner with God to build altars that will express all that He is on the face of the earth, thereby delivering creation from the bondage of corruption (decay) into the glorious liberty of the children of God.