Fatherhood International Network

Fatherhood International Network is a faith-based organisation and not merely a non-government organisation (NGO). Therefore the written word of God and the Holy Spirit determine the foundations and operations of fatherhood network.

1. Equipping men to be godly fathers (school of fatherhood and fatherhood workshop)

2. Helping struggling fathers – to become stable & strong (compassion, faith & hope)

3. Raising new generation fathers (equipping them for the ministry of fatherhood)

4. Empowering young couples and intending couples

5. Family support system (empowerment & transformation)
Family and domestic abuse
Skill acquisition



Equipping men to be fathers,

Empowering young couples &

Healing the nations.


Extending the borders of the kingdom of God, on earth, by equipping you with the goodnews of the fatherhood of God to represent the heavenly Father to families, communities and nations.

Fatherhood, the most noble office created by FatherGod has become the most distorted, perverted, despised, abused and misrepresented office today because of the devil’s hatred for it.


You see, the devil does not want the church and the society to receive the revelation of the fatherhood of God through fathers (men) and their families because he knows we will be delivered from fatherlessness (orphan spirit) which is the 21st Century epidemic.


Fatherhood of God has been so negatively and grievously misrepresented by many fathers and this makes it difficult for their children to believe that God is a good, loving, caring and forgiving Father.


The dream of secure home, sane society and peaceful future depends on fatherhood. This dream will become a mirage if we do not consciously and radically equip, heal and release men to represent the heavenly Father to their families, communities and the nations.


Men must be equipped, healed and released to fulfil their ministry of representing the heavenly Father to their families communities and the nations.

Over the last ten years, the Spirit of God has been speaking to me consistently about Fatherhood of God and man. Let me share with you some of the recent messages.


On the 17th of January 2019, the Lord spoke to me in a vision, “discipline is not enough. Let men ARISE and father their families but they cannot do it alone, let them come together and work together.”

In this same vision, I was going from street to street making a specific declaration and there was a moving cloud that was going before me into every street before I speak and it seems I was the only one who saw this moving cloud. There was an urgency and I knew the moving cloud will soon stop hence, I was in a hurry to cover as many places as possible and many people came out of their houses to listen to the declaration. However, when I got to the entrance of a particular big church, there was no movement of the cloud and I could not make the declaration. Instead the door of the church was closed against me.



Few days before the presentation of my book “Fatherhood” I received the word of the Lord through a dear sister in the Lord as follows;

“I saw a lamp or torch with flames of fire, like the type used before Olympics begin. It was burning and passed over to you.

Then I heard the Lord say, to tell you, the book presentation is not just what you think it is. The flame of the restoration of fathers has been set upon the earth.

There is a shift in the spirit, this begins with those before you, but I have put My lamp in your hand to establish the NEW SEASON HERALDING THE AUTHORITY AND DOMINION OF FATHERS.

On that day it will be formally ignited, the Spirit of headship is being restored.

I saw Angelic beings who looked as if they were full of years but didn’t look old or with grey hair. But when you look at them, you know they are very ancient and full of wisdom. I saw them dropping to earth in preparation for Sunday’s book presentation. These, He said, are the “Angels of wisdom” representing the father figure.

The torch of the flame of fatherhood has been handed over to you. “Take it”, says the Lord to My nations.

Ignite My word spoken to you for there shall be a return of sons gone astray like the lost son.” I received this word of the Lord on 6th of June, 2018.


February 2017

In a vision, the Lord spoke to me, “Preach the revelation of the Father with passion.”


On the 2nd of September 2016, the Lord spoke to me in a vision that He is restoring fathers and the ministry of fathers to the body of Christ and the nations.

I am releasing fathers.



In the month of November 2015, The Lord spoke to me in a vision about “Turn around dad.”

In the last ten years, the Holy Spirit has spoken to me unambiguously about family, homes and fatherhood. I have received different visions with two distinct messages. The message is about fatherhood restoration, satanic assaults on people and homes.

Let me say here that spiritual visions and realities cannot be easily captured in words. Therefore, I might not be able to write exactly what I saw. I trust the Holy Spirit will give you understanding.


The first vision is the one of homes filled with evil or demonic presence. Though I have never seen the demons but the demonic presence is worse than a room without good air for the occupants. The atmosphere of these homes is quite horrendous. I always want to run out of the house because of the suffocating presence of demons. I remember a particular vision, I was only able to enter the compound but I could not enter the house because the demonic presence was horrific.

This vision is a message for us to focus on our common enemy, the devil. The adversary, the devil, is taking possession of homes because of our ignorance. Yes, his demonic presence is more real in some homes than the presence of the Lord. He has possessed many homes through demonic spirit of anger, fear, resentment, malice, lust, bitterness, vengeance, etc and destroying priceless relationship.

One may ask, how do I know if my home is being assaulted by demonic spirits? Friend, what is the atmosphere in your home? If there is no love, joy and peace (Galatians 5:22-23), please call upon the name of the Lord for deliverance for your home.


Have you ever wondered why couples focus on each other’s weakness and failure instead of their strength and success? The devil makes us focus on what will keep us in resentment, malice and bitterness to our detriment and shame. He deceives couples to hate and assault each other by focusing on their weaknesses and failures while he watches as the referee to applaud the winner who if looked at critically, is also losing. In a home filled with demonic spirits, there are no winners but victims or losers.

We really do not have a problem accepting the fact that the devil and its evil spirits are responsible for diseases, sicknesses and calamities. However, it’s a problem for us to accept the fact that the devil and its evil spirit are also responsible for torment upon marriages and family break up.

Please, I want you to understand that it’s the devil who creates division through lies and mistrust, he breeds fear, he sows seeds of fear, anger and hate to discredit what God loves – the family institution.


Today, by the power of the Spirit I stand in faith with you to stop tormenting spirits and their activities in your home and I release freedom and peace upon your household.


The second vision is that of adults in their 30s and 40s that died mysteriously. Like I said already, I have seen this particular vision more than seven times. The death of some of them has something to do with their problematic marriages. What hurts me about the vision is that I am always been searched for as the culprit. In other words, the one responsible for their death though I know nothing about it. Truly, it is always scary for me – just nothing but a nightmare.


Dear friend, the Holy Spirit has clearly revealed to me what the adversary, the devil is doing to marriages and God’s precious children. The devil has released his demons to torment marriages and homes in order to destroy them, and to bring young couples to untimely death.

To be candid, the assault of the devil on marriages and the death of young couples (especially women) which is associated to marital crisis is worrisome. Or are you not aware of what is going on?

  1. Definition of fatherhood

What is fatherhood? Do you know what it means to be a father or who is a father (what makes you a father).


  1. Understanding the Fatherhood of God
  2. Understanding the fatherhood of man (Source, nature, character and identity)
  3. The making of a father. Process of becoming a father: How to become a father –

Be willing to let go the old wineskin and old wine. Old mentality and traditional beliefs must be put away to receive new wine skin and new wine.


  1. Understanding the most important assignment and responsibility of a father. Why am I a father?
  2. Fatherhood and the modern society
  3. The role of fatherhood in nation-building, healing and transformation
  4. The greatest enemy of fatherhood.

Do you know the greatest enemy of fatherhood  that wants to stop you?

  1. Raising the next generation fathers
  2. The concept and definition of marriage
  3. Redefining God’s purpose for marriage
  4. The role of the Holy Spirit in fatherhood & family


Please join us on the call to awaken and restore fatherhood as we heal, equip and release men and women into the ministry of representing the heavenly Father to families and the nations

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