Fatherhood International Initiative


Family Builders & Nations Transformers

If you extend your soul to the hungry and satisfy the afflicted soul, then your light shall dawn in the darkness and your darkness shall be as the noonday….those from among you shall build the old waste places; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; and you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach, the Restorer of Streets to Dwell in – Isaiah 58:10-12

  • Feeding the hungry and satisfying afflicted soul

  • Rebuilding what has long been in ruin

  • Restoring the foundations of past generations

  • Repairing broken walls

  • Restoring homes



To unveil the Father’s heart (His eternal purpose) for marriage and family with the intent of equipping men to represent the heavenly Father to their families, communities and the nations.

To take a stand for the restoration and preservation of the glory of the marriage and family institution, and to build homes as ‘altars of expression of God’s glory’.

To rebuild broken walls and encourage, heal and restore broken hearts, families and homes.

To extend the borders of the kingdom of God on earth through the family institution.

To equip singles with God’s eternal purpose for marriage thereby raising the next generation of godly husbands, wives, fathers and mothers.

To train and empower families for wealth creation.

To evangelize, heal and influence the nations through the family institution as well as network with churches/ministries, non-governmental organisations and government of nations to actualize the vision of this initiative.


Fatherhood is the emphasis of the Spirit of God for the church and the nations now.

God as a Father desires earnestly to make Himself known to the nations of the earth through our marriages and homes. For this to materialize, God is calling us through His Spirit to seek Him for fresh encounters with Him and for revelation of who He is, and to surrender our marriages and homes to Him.

FATHERHOOD INTERNATIONAL INITIATIVE is birthed to raise godly men and fathers, rebuild the broken walls of the family institution and restore its honour. This is a channel to interpret the heavenly Father’s vision for families and to help couples overcome the hidden wounds of the heart. Wounds which are buried out of sight but resurrect during intense pressure. These hurts prevent the dad within the man to come forth to be a blessing to his family.


The need for a platform to restore the hearts of the fathers to their children and vice-versa, and to equip, heal, mentor and release men to father their families and the nations cannot be over-emphasized when we consider the hurt and abuse in families and communities today.

All around us are hurting men and women with tears of regrets and scars of abuse. Those who are trying to become the men and women, fathers and mothers they are created to be but the unpleasant experiences of past years would not permit them.

Examples could be as a result of poor fathering, growing up in a dysfunctional family, abusive relationships and failed marriages that couples feel disappointed and ashamed of but would not talk about. Some fathers are discouraged and they feel really discontent with their relationship with their spouses and children. When a man is unable to bond with his child(ren) the way he desires, it can be frustrating.


We have more wounds, disappointments, tears of regret in marriages and families than in any other institution. Marriage that is supposed to be a healing ground for family members and others have become a stumbling block, and a ground of bitterness and curses. What is supposed to give joy and life now gives sadness and death. There are bleeding hearts with smiling faces all around us, even among church leaders who are disappointed in their marriages. Almost everywhere I go, I hear the cry of a man or woman who is hurting or has been wounded in some form of way or another and is feeling defeated in his or her marriage. There is always a cry for help! The cry for healing and restoration!

The Greatest Need Of Humanity

Fatherhood is the greatest need of the church and the human race today. I believe the world and the church are not in dire need of visionary leaders as much as they need fathers who have the heart of the Father-God to father their families and the nations.


Fatherhood is a supernatural assignment with overwhelming responsibility. It is a call and a ministry of representing the heavenly Father. Fulfilling that ministry is primarily contingent on how well we know the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and the willingness to bring joy to His heart. Every father is called to represent the heavenly Father before his wife and children; as well as before the communities and the nations. Those who are able to successfully represent Him are those who have seen or known Him experientially as their Father.

Truly, this generation is blessed with think-tanks and great leaders but we lack fathers who know the Father and have the will-power to father their families and the nations for Him. This is the challenge we face today and the effect of this is visible in homes, churches, communities and the society at large. As I think of this, my heart is drawn to the next generation that has been invaded by an orphan spirit, an identity crisis and insecurity – I am indeed broken. The church needs to start thinking and looking into the matter of raising fathers for the 21st Century with accurate understanding of God’s eternal purpose for the family. The church and the nations are in need of fathers who understand the times and seasons of God for their families and are working to help them walk in it.


Fatherhood Conference & Workshop

This is a platform to teach and reveal the fatherliness of God, His eternal purpose for family and restore the brokenhearted.

Fatherhood International Academy


To equip, heal, mentor and release men to represent the heavenly father to  the nations.


This is a platform to equip and release men to represent the Father, and to raise the next generation of fathers. Though the focus of this academy is to equip and release men, however, we will be glad to welcome women who desire to be equipped to represent the Father to the nations.


The Key of Knowledge


For people to remain relevant in their chosen careers and businesses, they keep acquiring fresh knowledge through training and mentorship. Some go to formal institutions of learning to obtain degrees that enable them to become competent. In all human professions, people learn, study or are mentored to succeed. Careful effort is made to choose the best institution to acquire knowledge or upgrade existing skills.

Putting into consideration the enormous task of fathering and the possibility to easily get it wrong, it is therefore imperative that men and fathers are adequately equipped for this all-important and sensitive ministry. It is hard to excel in something for which you have no sufficient knowledge.




  1. Knowing the Person, Power, Presence and Purpose of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Understanding the Fatherhood of God and Man.
  3. The Concept & Definition of Marriage.
  4. God’s Pattern and Purpose for Marriage
  5. Understanding the New Covenant Marriage of Grace.
  6. Understanding Headship and Submission.
  7. Sex and its purpose.
  8. Contending for the Faith delivered to Us.
  9. Divorce and Its Effects.
  10. The Next Generation and Orphan spirit.
  11. Do You Really want to be Married?
  12. Wealth Creation and Financial Empowerment.


On Demand Programme

This particular programme is designed to equip men and their families in their homes and churches. We select courses from Fatherhood Academy that will meet the particular demands of the people and run an intensive programme for a day or more.


The Passion that Burns in Me


I am intensely passionate about family togetherness and happiness. It gives me so much joy and satisfaction to see couples happy and fulfiling God’s purpose for their marriage. Because I believe in the family institution with intense passion, I frown at anything that threatens the togetherness and happiness of a family.

One aspect I display my passion is reaching out to men and helping them for the ministry of fatherhood. I yearn to see men representing the heavenly Father to their families and the nations. Men have to be equipped to be fathers because it is one of the most tasking and challenging ministries given to us by our Father. I want to say candidly that the ministry of representing the Father before our families, communities and the nations is a huge responsibility.


The call of God helps me to see the fears, the hurts and the tears of God’s children, on account of their fathers’ inability to provide godly leadership, example and covering for them. Thus, I want to see every man equipped to be a godly husband and father who feels the hurt of his wife and children, and is ready to make sacrifices to see them fulfil their God-given destiny. This is one of the ways we can deal with the orphan spirit that has invaded this present generation. This orphan spirit is responsible for most of the crises in the families and society. Marriages and families have been battered and torn apart by it. It is time to stop it. It is time for healing and restoration. In God is our hope and foundation.

In the past fifteen years, the Holy Spirit has spoken to me unambiguously about family, homes and fatherhood. I have received different visions with two distinct messages. The message is about fatherhood restoration, satanic assaults on people and homes.

Let me say here that spiritual visions and realities cannot be easily captured in words. Therefore, I might not be able to write exactly the what I saw. I trust the Holy Spirit will give you understanding.


The first vision is the one of homes filled with evil or demonic presence. Though I have never seen the demons but the demonic presence is worse than a room without good air for the occupants. The atmosphere of these homes is quite horrendous. I always want to run out of the house because of the suffocating presence of demons. I remember a particular vision, I was only able to enter the compound but I could not enter the house because the demonic presence was horrific.

This vision is a message for us to focus on our common enemy, the devil. The adversary, the devil, is taking possession of homes because of our ignorance. Yes, his demonic presence is more real in some homes than the presence of the Lord. He has possessed many homes through demonic spirit of anger, fear, resentment, malice, lust, bitterness, vengeance, etc and destroying priceless relationships.

One may ask, how do I know if my home is being assaulted by demonic spirits? Friend, what is the atmosphere in your home? If there is no love, joy and peace (Galatians 5:22-23), please call upon the name of the Lord for deliverance for your home.


Have you ever wondered why couples focus on each other’s weakness and failure instead of their strength and success? The devil makes us focus on what will keep us in resentment, malice and bitterness to our detriment and shame. He deceives couples to hate and assault each other by focusing on their weaknesses and failures while he watches as the referee to applaud the winner who if looked at critically, is also losing. In a home filled with demonic spirits, there are no winners but victims or losers.

We really do not have a problem accepting the fact that the devil and its evil spirits are responsible for diseases, sicknesses and calamities. However, it’s a problem for us to accept the fact that the devil and its evil spirit are also responsible for torment upon marriages and family break up.

Please, I want you to understand that it’s the devil who creates division through lies and mistrust. He sows seeds of fear, anger and hate to discredit what God loves – the family institution.


The second vision is about people in their twenties and forties who die mysteriously. I have seen this particular vision more than seven times. The death of some of them has something to do with their problematic marriages. What hurts me about the vision is that I am always been searched for as the culprit. In other words, the one responsible for their death though I know nothing about it. Truly, it is always scary for me – just nothing but a nightmare. My understanding of the vision is that the Lord Jesus is counting on me to bring deliverance and healing to his people and families.


Dear friend, the Holy Spirit has clearly revealed to me what the adversary, the devil is doing to marriages and God’s children. The devil has released his demons to torment marriages and homes in order to destroy them, and to bring young couples to untimely death.

To be candid, the assault of the devil on marriages and the death of young couples (especially women) which is associated to marital crisis is worrisome. Or are you not aware of what is going on?

On the 17th of January 2019, the Lord spoke to me in a vision, “discipline is not enough. Let men ARISE and father their families but they cannot do it alone,

let them come together and work together.”

In this same vision, I was going from street to street making a specific declaration and there was a moving cloud that was going before me into every street before I speak and it seems I was the only one who saw this moving cloud. There was an urgency and I knew the moving cloud will soon stop hence, I was in a hurry to cover as many places as possible and many people came out of their houses to listen to the declaration. However, when I got to the entrance of a particular big church, there was no movement of the cloud and I could not make the declaration. Instead the door of the church was closed against me.



Few days before the presentation of my book “Fatherhood” I received the word of the Lord through a dear sister in the Lord as follows;

“I saw a lamp or torch with flames of fire, like the type used before Olympics begin. It was burning and passed over to you.

Then I heard the Lord say, to tell you, the book presentation is not just what you think it is. The flame of the restoration of fathers has been set upon the earth.

There is a shift in the spirit, this begins with those before you, but I have put My lamp in your hand to establish the NEW SEASON HERALDING THE AUTHORITY AND DOMINION OF FATHERS.

On that day it will be formally ignited, the Spirit of headship is being restored.

I saw Angelic beings who looked as if they were full of years but didn’t look old or with grey hair. But when you look at them, you know they are very ancient and full of wisdom. I saw them dropping to earth in preparation for Sunday’s book presentation. These, He said, are the “Angels of wisdom” representing the father figure.

The torch of the flame of fatherhood has been handed over to you. “Take it”, says the Lord to My nations.

Ignite My word spoken to you for there shall be a return of sons gone astray like the lost son.”


February 2017

In a vision, the Lord spoke to me, “Preach the revelation of the Father with passion.”



In a vision, the Lord spoke to me that He is restoring fathers and the ministry of fathers to the body of Christ and the nations.

I am releasing fathers.


November 2015

The Lord spoke to me in a vision “Turn around dad.”


Dear friend, this is the reason I do what I do. I want you to know we can stand together and stop the devil and his tormenting spirits and activities in our homes, and bring healing and restoration to broken hearts and homes, and fill our homes with the glory of the Lord


Please join us on the call to awaken and restore fatherhood as we equip, heal and release men and women into the ministry of representing the heavenly Father to their families, communities and the nations.


Together, we can heal the nations.

Patrick & Joan Enega – Director

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